Need more info on learning ultimate? Where to buy cleats? Where else besides SFUL to play? It’s all here…

Ultimate Basics

Ultimate Handbook – This site has information about how to play Ultimate for players of all levels.

Different Grips for Throwing – An overview of ways to grip the disc to achieve different throws.

Ultimate Merchandise

Sunset Soccer Supply – a great local SF place that has a wide selection of cleats to buy. This shop is located at 3401 Irving Street @ 35th Ave. in the outer Sunset District.

Lombardi Sports – another great local SF place that sells both cleats and regulation discs. This shop is located at the corner of Jackson and Polk St. (free parking in the garage; enter from Polk St.). Discs at Lombardi are available in the generic Discraft Ultrastar design in miscellaneous colors. Other local shops that usually keep regulation discs in stock are Cole Hardware and REI. Cole Hardware usually carries a white disc with a Sutro Tower graphic on it. REI carries the Life Is Good design in different colors, but no white discs as far as we know.

If you are new to the sport of ultimate, please see an official description of a regulation ultimate flying disc so that you know why the only type of disc you need to play ultimate is a Discraft Ultrastar, and that any old “frisbee” from the department store simply won’t do.

Internet Disc Shoppe – Although Discraft is the place to buy Ultimate discs in bulk, here’s a site where you can purchase individual discs.

GAIA Ultimate Gear – This is an online clothing and gear store run by Ultimate players, for Ultimate players.

Port-a-Field – Portable Athletic Field Boundaries.
Port-a-Field’s are custom made for various sports and are a great way to quickly establish proper boundaries and field markings for practice and play of Soccer, Football, Flag Football, Ultimate, Rugby, TOUCH Rugby, Volleyball, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, WIFFLE Ball, beach sports, and court sports.

The Wide World of Ultimate

Ultimate Players Association (UPA) – The UPA is the governing body for Ultimate in the United States, and their site includes information about the various organizational levels of competitive Ultimate in the U.S.: men’s, women’s, mixed/coed, collegiate, juniors/kids, masters, league and pickup.

Ultilinks- A great place to find out about Ultimate tournaments happening all over the world.

San Francisco Ultimate Club (SFUC)- SFUC runs an annual Winter League in the city for experienced players every November to February. Signups usually take place in early-to-mid October.

East Bay Winter League (EBWL)- EBWL runs an annual Winter League in the Berkley-Oakland area, usually starting Nov-Dec and lasting until Feb-Mar.

South Bay Ultimate League (SBUL) – SBUL hosts league play in the Silicon Valley – San Jose area.

Newsgroup on Google Groups- The newsgroup has long been an online venue for Ultimate players worldwide to “chat.”

Nicely Stacked – Callout to Women! If you’re looking for an alternative to co-ed play, and you’re eligible for Master’s level play (age 30 and up), then check us out at “Nicely Stacked.” We are a group of local women players who have committed ourselves to setting up ultimate events – practices, clinics, pick-up games, hat tourneys, etc. – for this under-served demographic. Our ultimate goal (no pun intended) is to support competitive teams with the hope of reviving the Women’s Masters (aka Dames) Division in the UPA Championship Series. If you haven’t played in years, but would like to ease your way back into the game, this could be the ticket for you!

We hosted a pair of successful debut events – a skills clinic and hat tourney – on March 24, 2007 at the Polo Field in San Francisco. We’re co-ordinating with local tournament directors to hold follow-up events later this year in Santa Cruz and/or Sacramento. Please join the Nicely Stacked mailing list to get in the loop.

Last updated April 2007. Please send link corrections to webmaster (at) sful (dot) org.